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Our Policies

Our Quality Policy is an integrated expression of our company's objectives and context and is the key to our STRATEGIC DIRECTIONS and GOALS. At SİNERJİ, all our employees use our Quality Policy as a guide for themselves. As Sinerji Inc., to be a pioneer in the sector with our production experience, use of technology, experienced and qualified workforce and to be among the leading organizations of Turkey and then the world;

  • To carry out our activities in a way to fulfill the requirements of our Integrated Management System, to ensure its sustainability and continuous improvement,
  • To fully meet customer demands, expectations and complaints in all projects/products and to ensure their sustainability,
  • To give importance to training and teamwork in order for our employees to become individuals who can use their quality awareness and skills at the highest level,
  • To closely follow the technological developments in our sector, to increase the quality and efficiency of our facilities by using new technologies suitable for our processes,
  • Strengthen our long-term ties with all our interested parties,
  • To adopt an understanding of effective communication, participatory approach, constructive criticism and teamwork, and to support social responsibility projects that will contribute to development,
  • To support social responsibility projects that will contribute to the development of society,
  • To make continuous improvement a part of our work, knowing that there is a method to do every job better, a person to do every job better,
  • To create a safe working environment by evaluating the risks in Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental issues in all our production and activities and to take protective measures to ensure this,
  • To create and develop Quality awareness, Occupational Health and Safety awareness, Environmental protection awareness with the trainings given to all our employees, and to spread the concept of quality, environment and social responsibility in our suppliers,
  •  It is committed to comply with national legislation and to provide universally recognized norms within the scope of continuous improvement and approach,
  • We undertake to use all the resources we need during our activities effectively and efficiently.

OHS Policy

As Sinerji, we aim for the peace and happiness of our employees, who are entrusted to us by their families, with our continuous effort to create value in all our activities. In this purpose;It is our commitment to create a safe environment for all our stakeholders (employers, employees, partners, subcontractors, suppliers, visitors),

  • To identify and eliminate risks and near misses in the work environment,
  • To ensure that company personnel are aware of their individual OHS responsibilities by ensuring the participation of employees and to provide trainings for this purpose,
  • To develop our corporate OHS culture by ensuring consultation and participation of employees through effective leadership,
  • Use safe equipment and appropriate technologies for a healthy and safe working environment,
  • To fulfill the obligations related to occupational health and safety according to national and international legislation and standards, to ensure full compliance
  • To periodically review the OHS policy to maintain compliance with the requirements and to ensure continuous improvement of the OHS management system.

Our Environmental Policy

With the awareness that the protection and improvement of the environment we live in is an integral part of our business;

  • It is our commitment to control, reduce and prevent the factors that cause environmental destruction with the idea of not polluting the environment instead of cleaning it,
  • To aim to develop, disseminate and maintain environmental awareness within our company,
  • To identify the environmental impacts of our activities, to prevent or minimize the pollution caused by the identified risks,
  • To create an environmentally sensitive corporate culture with an organization that learns, continuously develops and shares through continuous training and resource allocation on sustainable environment in order to increase environmental awareness and ensure the internalization of environmental policy,
  • Targeting 100% recycling of waste and reducing the amount of hazardous waste,
  • Reduce consumption of natural resources, produce less waste, use more recycled materials, consume less energy,
  • To fulfill environmental obligations according to legislation and standards, to ensure full compliance,
  • To continuously improve our environmental management system in the light of these principles.

Our İnformation Security Policy 


  • It is our commitment to protect the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information,
  • To ensure information security within our company in accordance with all relevant laws and regulations,
  • Likewise, taking measures to protect the information of all our stakeholders,
  • Providing necessary trainings to our employees to raise awareness on information security,
  • Measuring information security process performance by ensuring risk management and ensuring the organization of relations with third parties on information security issues,
  • To support the necessary investments as management in security breaches,
  • Support the assessment and improvement of risks in accordance with the confidentiality, integrity and availability rules of the information security system, to ensure that the activities required for the preparation and continuity of the information security management system are carried out.
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