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Ethical Principles

As Sinerji Inc., transparency and honesty are the basic fabric of our way of doing business. By strictly adopting these principles, our company is committed to glorifying ethical values and moving forward to the future.

Compliance with Legislation

As SINERJİ, we comply with all national and international rules and regulations, especially legislation, and internal regulations at the highest level. In our relations with investors, stakeholders and all stakeholders, we act in compliance with all laws, regulations, rules, principles and internal regulations, international legal rules and ethical values without discrimination.

Confidentiality of Information and Protection of Trade Secrets

Confidentiality of all commercial and personal information regarding our employees, suppliers and business partners, customers and stakeholders is essential. While we comply with the relevant laws, legislation and regulations during the processing of such private and confidential information and during the access to and use of such data, we share such data only with the authorized persons. We do not disclose to third parties unless disclosure is mandatory as required by official authorities and legislation.

Compliance with Corporate Governance Principles

As Sinerji Inc., we inform our employees about Corporate Governance Principles, ensure that they are adopted within the company and monitor full compliance with these principles. We ensure that all kinds of information we provide to the public is understandable, accurate, clear, timely and complete.

Responsibilities towards Employees

As SİNERJİ, we attach great importance to the creation of a safe, healthy working environment free from all kinds of verbal and physical harassment based on race, ethnic origin, religion, physical or sexual characteristics, sexual orientation or any other legally prohibited factor.

Responsibilities to Stakeholders

As SINERJİ, we make our decisions based on recognized economic criteria and ensure that our resources and assets are managed in the most efficient manner with an understanding of financial discipline and accountability. On the basis of commercial and financial discipline, we develop and realize an honest, transparent and sustainable reporting system in compliance with legal regulations and rules. We ensure regular flow of information to the necessary individuals, companies, institutions and organizations. In our disclosures to the public and shareholders, we provide timely, complete, accurate and understandable information about our financial statements, strategies and investments within the scope stipulated by the legislation.

Relations with Customers, Stakeholders, Suppliers and Other Companies and Persons with whom the Company has Commercial Relations

As SİNERJİ, we act honestly, fairly and sensitively in our relations with our customers, stakeholders, suppliers, business partners and many companies and individuals with whom we have commercial relations, we strive to create a trust-based relationship with our customers by producing fast and permanent solutions between us and our customers, and we carry out our product / service agreements in accordance with the relevant international and local legislation and internal regulations.

Relations with Competitors

We act in compliance with the Law on the Protection of Competition and all relevant legislation; we are meticulous in ensuring the freedom of competition and the development of the sector, the observance of common interests and the continuity of trust in the sector. We observe fair competition conditions in our relations with rival companies.

Public Institutions and Organizations

While conducting our activities in line with the principle of equality in relations with Public Institutions, Organizations, NGOs and Political Parties, we act with the principle of standing at an equal distance to these public institutions and organizations, non-governmental organizations and political parties. As a company, while complying with the requirements of law and legislation; we do not enter into interest relations with public officials, political persons and their representatives with or without material value.

Media / Social Media / Advertising and Broadcasting

As Sinerji, we establish regular, open and transparent communication with the media. In our statements to the media, we do not include information that would mislead the public. We do not make public statements as any employee or manager other than our company spokespersons. In our statements, we do not include expressions that would damage our company reputation and are incompatible with our company culture, and we never use expressions that contain any form of discrimination, political hatred and insulting discourse.

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