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Sinerji Life on Campus

Our company has been supporting our employees in terms of professional development, career planning and social rights with the understanding of "people first" since the first day we started to serve, and provides opportunities for employees to take an active role in the processes.

Our company, which aims to realize quality production, has set itself the task of creating an employee profile that adopts innovative thinking and continuous development as a principle. In this regard;

To prioritize the safety, health and happiness of our company and our employees

To be responsible for society, nature and the environment and to act in accordance with moral values

Prioritizing the development of our employees at every stage and continuously "investing in people",

To carry out human resources practices that will ensure that all our employees have a "human" and "continuous development" oriented perspective and to bring human resources with this vision to our company,

It constitutes the human resources policy of our company.

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