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Our Story is Short, Our Journey is Long

As Sinerji, 

We were established in 2014 to  Machinery Equipment Production and parts for them. Since the day we were founded, we have determined our vision by adopting the concepts of innovation, solution partnership, and total quality. In 2018, we established our new factory in Kırıkkale Specialized Organized Industrial Zone and we continue to grow by producing. We successfully produce sensitive and critical parts and strengthen our position by establishing trust in the sector.

Why Us?

Why Us?

As Sinerji, we stand out with our speed in combining innovative solutions with quality and our ability to respond to global demands by focusing on the needs of our customers and stakeholders. Our company, which is oriented towards target markets with the motto of domestic and national products, aims to meet the Machinery Equipment Production  needs of our country with national and domestic facilities, as well as a production vision that can meet the Machinery Equipment Production needs of friendly and allied countries. In addition to being an important project stakeholder of the main project executing companies or organizations with the products and solutions we offer to the sector, we contribute to the development of a culture for the Machinery Equipment Production industry within our organization with the projects we carry out. The integration of this culture with the corporate identity has helped to expand our customer portfolio in a short time in the works carried out by our company and has provided a trust in the sector.


Our approach to innovation is not just to pursue the new, but also to make existing processes, products, and systems more effective, efficient, and powerful. As a company, we develop and offer creative and groundbreaking solutions by using the latest technology in every step taken for the security of the future, while realizing our knowledge development and expertise under the leadership of innovation.


As Sinerji, we see quality not only as a result but also as a process and reflect it in our company culture. By adopting the most stringent national and international quality standards, we provide our customers and stakeholders with reliable and value-added solutions and services at high levels of performance.


Since 2014, we have been sharing our experience in the machinery equipment production industry with our main integrator companies, which have become brands in the sector, and we keep successfully completing several projects.

Sinerji in Figures

Sinerji in Figures

Sinerji has established its strategy to improve its business performance by continuously improving and developing its business processes in all products and services it produces with the participation of all its employees and to offer customer demands and expectations at the lowest total cost level in the highest quality manner in an environment of trust.

With the investments made and to be made, Sinerji is rapidly moving towards expanding its export volume and becoming a global Turkish brand. The company, which attaches great importance to branding, aims to create a product family that can reach every segment of the sector by offering each product group under a separate brand.

Increasing its R&D expenditures year by year, Sinerji reflects the developments in technology and innovation in its processes.

Sinerji  which specializes in the production sensitive and critical parts of these main product groups in the field of the Machinery Equipment Production industry in its two large facilities located in Kırıkkale İhtisas Organized Industrial Zone and built on approximately 17,500 m² together with the R&D Center, continues to serve the national and international Machinery Equipment Production  with its competent personnel by renewing itself every year.

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