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Our facility consists of two campuses measuring 7,500 m² and 10,000 m².

In addition to the Financial and Administrative Management unit, our production facility consists of 4 different main sections as Production Technical Management, R&D Center and Social Service areas.

R&D Center

Social Service Fields

Financial and Administrative Governance

Production Technical Governance

Our R&D Center

Product Development Prototype Workshop,  Intellectual and Industrial Works, R&D Test Laboratories.

Production Technical Unit

Quality Control Center, Production Planning and Coordination Center, Production Support Unit, Machining Unit (CNC Vertical Process, CNC Horizontal Process, CNC Sliding Automat Process), Forging & Pressing Process Unit, Sheet Metal Process, Welding Process, Surface Treatment, Assembly Unit, Production Warehouses, Quality laboratories, R&D Center Project Development Laboratory, Test laboratory, Prototype Laboratory and shooting range for test firing.

We also have social facility areas for our employees.


Fabrikalar Mahallesi Silah OSB. 2nd Sokak No:5 Merkez/KIRIKKALE


With more than 100 machining personnel, we produce aluminum, steel, titanium, magnesium, tungsten, invar, kovar, graphite, ceramics, precision casting, engineering plastics, etc. in our facility. We process metal or non-metal raw materials and semi-finished products in accordance with international standards and customer specifications. We constantly improve machining and all other units with lean production techniques.

R&D Center

Nowadays, technological developments have accelerated and the management of developing technology has become vital. In this direction, Sinerji Makine Ekipman Üretimi A.Ş. We have combined our research and development studies, which we place at the center of our activities, and our technological competence under the roof of the R&D Center. Under the umbrella of the R&D Center, we work to develop new technologies, processes and products to increase our competitive power.

Surface and Heat Treatment

Our company continues to work on reducing metal losses and protecting the semi-finished and finished parts produced and adding both functional and aesthetic features to them, and provides surface treatment services with its expert staff. Our company produces Alodine Coating, Anodized Coating, Zinc Coating and Cadmium Coating.

Pressing, Forging and Sheet Metal Forming

We base digital transformation and innovation in the pressing process on the basis of what we do, and we carry out a work that leaves no room for error in the process with our fully automated lines.


We assemble the weapons, ammunition and parts produced within our company with our professional team and turn them into a whole system.

Mikro Tesviye

Our team examines the parts under a 25X magnifying lens and performs leveling operations such as deburring, scratch and sharp edge removal in accordance with the technical drawings and carries out the necessary checks.

Laser Marking

We obtain high-quality results thanks to the marking (marking) of the material with a laser beam.


Welding processes of products coming out of machining and press machines are carried out under the responsibility of our expert and certified personnel in their fields.

Quality Center

Our company is aware that precise measurement and verification is necessary when performing precise production, and ensures compliance at every stage from raw material entry to delivery of the final product to the customer.

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